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Learn and share ideas, best practices and success stories.

 Join with TimeBanks USA , the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the Dane County TimeBank to explore how TimeBanking’s core values — reciprocity, assets, redefining ‘work,’ social capital and respect — create a new wealth of opportunity.  From building community and stretching scarce dollars to systems change in areas like juvenile justice, prisoners coming home, family support, community health or elder care, TimeBanking is at the cutting edge of vital change.

Experience and Enjoy

This conference will be different. Dane County TimeBank members are offering a  full menu of community experiences.  Join a yoga class and early morning walk at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center and  enjoy a “Taste of the TimeBank” with a home-cooked meal and displays of talent and accomplishment from Time Banks around the county, the country and the world. Stroll around the Capitol Square at the Dane County Farmer’s Market and see the beautiful and amazing community efforts at Troy Gardens. 

 Why Participate?

For a Better Quality of Life

  • From overloaded employees or volunteers…to a system of giving and receiving.
  • From government officials challenged by deficits…to citizens of all ages and backgrounds working together, hour by hour.
  • From families overwhelmed by unemployment or loss of income… to an economy of the fully engaged who share the work and the benefits.
  • From a gross national product…to local economies which support exchange of value and meaning.

To Be Part of the Solution

  • Serve the public good with less money and greater equality.
  • Re-weave community, no matter who we are or where we come from.
  • Replace the despair of dependency with the hopefulness of action
    Build networks where everyone gives and receives.
  • Invigorate the local economy and support local business through TimeBanking.

Travel To Madison

travel bannerMadison is a great place to visit! One of only a few cities in the world built on an isthmus, Madison has become a destination mecca for national and international meetings and conferences, offering both small town charm and a range of cultural and recreational opportunities usually found in much larger cities.  Voted the Friendliest City in the Midwest, Madison sports the best of all worlds with incredible natural beauty, limitless outdoor recreation activities year-round, an amazing array of cultural opportunities, fabulous shopping, and superb dining. Downtown Madison, set on a narrow strip of land between two glacial lakes, is very pedestrian-friendly, and within walking distance of the Concourse Hotel. Read more about travel and lodging.

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