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Four types of breakouts, many ways to engage!

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“What is a Lab Session? Doesn’t that involve chemistry?”

At the 2009 TimeBanks USA Conference, you won’t be mixing chemicals, but you will be mixing ideas!  Come brainstorm tools and resources… and create a new formula for success!

In each lab session, the topic will be introduced by members of the TimeBanks USA network who have some experience addressing various issues through their TimeBanking work. Through discussion, you and your “lab partners” will find creative solutions, identify potential resources and set goals to tackle the difficult challenges we all face today.

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Do you have a lot of questions about TimeBanking – what it is, how to do it? Maybe you don’t feel you’re ready for in-depth problem solving? Then the TimeBanking Q & A Sessions might be right for you. In these sessions, practiced TimeBanking coordinators will bring expertise on a variety of topics into the same room. You’ll get to ask your questions, learn from other people and share some of your own challenges. It’s kind of like “The Doctor Is In!”


For those of you who like to sit back, listen and learn about an innovative approach, there will be several traditional workshops presented by TimeBankers from across the country. Topics will mostly cover topcis specific to the management and sustainability of TimeBanks.


Initially envisioned as a set of caucuses, the objective of the Roundtable Discussions is to share our vision for the TimeBanking movement and work together to make it happen.  On the first day, everyone will have a chance to share their vision for the future of TimeBanking, and identify one or more challenges or priorities for making it a reality.  Conference planners will then identify the top concerns and priorities based on the discussions, and create a space for dialogue on “hot topics” on day two.

Key: LS= Lab Session;  QA= TimeBanking Q & A;  WS= Workshop

Friday, June 25 – Block A, 4:15 – 5:45

LS1.  TimeBanking for Building a Local Economy

LS2.  Inclusivity: Engaging Everyone in Community

LS3.  Revitalizing Family Support Services

LS4. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

LS5. Addressing Disparate Racial Impact Through Policy Change

WS1. “Fun-Raisers:” Blending the Creative Economy and Community Currency for Sustainability

QA1.  Topics Covered: TBA

Saturday, June 26 – Block B, 11:15 – 12:45

LS6.  Returning from Prison as Homecomers

LS7.  Empowering Youth in the Justice System

LS8.  Youth Courts

LS9.  Youth Advocate Program: Case Study in the Challenges of Implementing Coproduction

WS2.  Maximizing the Use of Volunteers

QA2. Start-Up Questions

Roundtable Topics:

Community Weaver: What’s Needed, How We Get There
Start-Up: How TBUSA and the Network Could Be More Helpful
Topics in Organizational Development
Taking TimeBanking to the National Level
Incorporating TimeBanking into Everyday Life, in Every Culture

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travel bannerMadison is a great place to visit! One of only a few cities in the world built on an isthmus, Madison has become a destination mecca for national and international meetings and conferences, offering both small town charm and a range of cultural and recreational opportunities usually found in much larger cities.  Voted the Friendliest City in the Midwest, Madison sports the best of all worlds with incredible natural beauty, limitless outdoor recreation activities year-round, an amazing array of cultural opportunities, fabulous shopping, and superb dining. Downtown Madison, set on a narrow strip of land between two glacial lakes, is very pedestrian-friendly, and within walking distance of the Concourse Hotel. Read more about travel and lodging.

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