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The conference is being held in the Madison Concourse Hotel in the heart of Downtown Madison, just a step away from the State Capitol. A block of rooms will be reserved for conference attendees, but you can also check out this map of nearby hotels.

Dane County TimeBank members will once again be offering home-stays to Time Bankers!  If you are interested in taking someone up on this offer, post a comment here, or use the comment form.

If you would like to book  your travel and support TimeBanks USA at the same time, you can use TBUSA’s travel website. TBUSA will earn a percentage of the commissions paid by the airlines and hotels.


4/29/09     You can now contact the Homestay Coordinator, Kris Moelter, to add your name to the list of people seeking a home-stay for the conference.

5/6/09   We have room blocks!  Here’s all you need to know:

Hilton Monona Terrace
$129/night (single or double)
Reservation Instructions: Call 1-866-403-8838 and request the group code TMB or ask for the group TimeBanks USA. 
Deadline: May 25  JUST EXTENDED through June 2!

NEW!  Best Western Inn on the Park
$129/night single
$139/night double
$169/night suite
Reservation Instructions: Call 1-800-279-8811 and request the group “TimeBanks USA”
Deadline: June 12

Madison Concourse Hotel (conference site)
$99/night (single and double)
Reservation Instructions: Call 1-800-356-8293, mention “TimeBanking Conference 2009”
Deadline: June 1   SOLD OUT!!!

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  1. Kate Moon

    I would appreciate information about finding a room to stay in at one of your members’ homes while I attend the conference in June.

    Thanks for helping.


  2. Christine Gray

    hi Kate
    Did you attend the last TBUSA conference in Madison?

    If you did, you will know that members of the Dane County Timebank offered accommodation in their homes for Time Dollars. It meant that out-of-towners who could not stretch to paying for a hotel on top of registration and travel would have somewhere to stay. It was a great idea that came out of the Dane County Timebank and it worked beautifully.

    However, it does mean you will need Time Dollars that you have earned — either in a local Time Bank or by helping out with the conference.

    We still need to get this set up for the current conference. We have not started listing the Dane County members who will be willing to do this, and we do not know what the supply of accommodation will be at this point — so we’ll have to get back to you when we have details in hand.

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. Donna Casem

    I am looking for a place to stay during the conference, and I would love to do the same for anyone visiting the Los Angeles area.
    Best wishes,
    Donna Casem

  4. indigo

    Greetings! I am hoping to attend the conference in June and would very much appreciate a home to stay in while I am there. We are a very new time bank and have very little cash flow at this point. I will be funding my trip out of my own money and would very much appreciate not having to pay for the hotel… I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Emerald Valley Time Exchange
    Eugene, Oregon

  5. Kim Hodge

    I would love to stay with a Timebank member, too! Great idea. I have plenty of Timebank hours in the bank and will be helping at the conference as well.

    I would also do the same for timebankers visiting the Detroit, MI area.

  6. admin

    Here’s what a past attendee said about staying with a TimeBank member:
    “I had arranged to stay with a Dane County Time Bank member in her home along with her two young sons when I went a couple of years ago…It was within walking distance of the conference. Having never flown in my life, that in itself was an experience, but more than the thrill of flying, the thrill of a gracious host city, Madison, was most certainly the prize. I have forever made a new friend and connection, Christie, the woman I stayed with, and met the folks that make time banking a reality not only for Cape Ann but worldwide.”
    –Loretta, Cape Ann (MA) TimeBank member

  7. Dalaman

    A fantastic read….very literate and informative. Many thanks….where is your RSS button ?

  8. Nancy Goodman

    Hi –

    We on Cape Ann are trying to drum up 5 people to attend the conference together. We are exploring lodging possibilities. If we (or some of us) want to try home stays, will there be enough hosts to respond to the number of interested guests? Please keep us in mind. Thanks.

  9. admin

    Hi, Dalaman! Thanks very much for your feedback! The feed button is the homepage, in the top right hand corner. You can also go here:

  10. Stacey Jacobsohn

    I am planning on attending the conference and am very much interested in both a scholarship and possible home stay. I’ve been working at a new Time Bank in Waterville, Maine, and have lots of Time Dollars.

  11. Lodging Information Updated | 2009 TimeBanks USA Conference

    […] The travel and lodging blog post has been updated with the hotel block information, and contact info for the homestay coordiantor. Click here to view the updates. […]

  12. Kathryn Satewicz


    I have heard that there are rooms on campus during the summer,I will have to look into that and post the information.

    Also if you a a Unitarian Universelist there are three groups in town,just google to find out more info Maybe one could be put up through them

    The largest is a near West Side congregation,

    It also is a great place to visit while you are here as the old building is a Frank Loyld Wright building and the new addition is a GREEN BUILT building

  13. Donald Worth

    I would like to get listed for Homestay in Madison for the upcoming June Conference. Please contact me soon. (330)788-2676 Donald

  14. Jennifer Ladd

    I am looking for a ride from the Chicago airport on June 24th afternoon and then back on Saturday the 27th afternoon.

    Anyone going that way?


  15. Cindy Seager

    I am looking for a home stay in Madison while at the Time Banks conference. I will be coming from out of state. I have about 60 time dollars, but I am willing to volunteer at the conference to earn more time dollars for my home stay if needed. Will also need transportation to and from the home stay location. Arriving Madison Wed., June 24th, 10:15 am flight 2651, Continental Airlines. Leaving Madison Sunday, June 28th, 8:12 am, (want to be at the airport at 6:15 am to check in)- flight 7292 US Airways. Please call or email me as soon as you can. Need non-smoking accommodations. Thank you for helping me. -Cindy Seager, 610.867.3671 (Bethlehem, PA)

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