Find a Roomie!01 May

Looking to share a hotel room with a fellow conference-goer?  There are two ways to go:  Post a request or an offer in the brand new Conference Time Bank, or post a message here!

Please be aware that if you already have an account with your Time Bank on Community Weaver, you’ll need to use a different email address to join the Conference Time Bank.

3 Responses to “Find a Roomie!”

  1. Michael Marks

    I have a hotel room reserved. 2 beds Walking distance to the conference

    Will cancel it if I cannot find a roomie

    Non-smoker; non snorer

    Please let me know

  2. Jen Moore

    There are now offers posted in the Conference Time Bank. You can earn some Time Dollars during the conference, and spend them on things like homestays, rides to and from the airport, or possibly even conference registration (to be decided). Go to and join the 2009 Conference Time Bank.

  3. inyo charbonneau

    I would love to find a roommate for the conference, either at the conference hotel or one within walking distance.

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