Diverse Economies & The Ecology of Community10 Apr

As a complementary currency, TimeBanking transforms the ecology of community and changes systems and instutions. Learn how TimeBanking links untapped capacity to unmet needs, weaving new ties and valuing what everyone has to give.  You’ll also meet everyday people who are working for social and economic justice through TimeBanking and its related practices.

Panelists Lisa Conlan, Stephanie Rearick, Funmi Olowe, Jo-Ann Wallace and Sheryl Walton will share their own stories of transformation before sending the mic to the floor to hear from participants.

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  1. Morris Fountain

    It is proposed to Match Volunteer Resources to Volunteer Opportunities. Within one zip code which is served by over 1,000 social service and government agencies the concept is as follows:

    PROPOSAL: Promote Volunteering and Community Service to benefit staffing the 1,000 social service and government agencies. Encourage Access to our many residents who have Community Service Obligations.

    RECOMMENDATION 1: Survey the 1,000 social service and government agencies to identify volunteer opportunities, qualifications, monthly volunteer statistics and unmet needs.

    RECOMMENDATION 2: Promote volunteer opportunities to volunteer resources including volunteer sources such as seniors and school children as well as mandatory community service sources such as Cuney Homes Public Housing, TANF recipients, Traffic Court, juvenile probationers, and adult probationers.

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