Community Justice & Co-Production10 Apr

Co-Production is what happens when everyone contributes to make positive change. It’s paying it forward and bringing it back, where the “it” is help, respect, community and justice.  Together, we will explore Co-Production’s potential to transform US justice systems and create a more fair society. Panelists will include Edgar Cahn, Carolyn Dallas, Cheri Maples and Curtis Watkins.

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  1. Morris Fountain

    Can we embrace the least the last and the lost by returning Time Bank services as credit to those performing mandatory community service. Our least, last and lost include, for example:
    1. Residents in Public Housing with 8 hours per month mandatory community service,
    2. TANF recipients with 30 to 40 hours mandatory community service per week,
    3. Probationers, both Adult and Juvenile, performing supervised community service,
    4. Traffic Court community service alternatives for the low income.

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